At Benthos Bali Dive Resort, we are committed to provide to our students the highest standard of diving education. We promise small classes (maximum 4 students) and highly experienced, enthusiastic PADI instructors. Private courses are also available and highly recommended. A good diver never stops learning, and our team enjoys teaching all levels of diver – novices, advanced divers and more. Whether you are a beginner, or looking to expand your diving knowledge, will be very happy to see you here in Candidasa, Bali!

The Advanced Open Water Diver course can increase your self-confidence and builds new diving skills, so you can feel more comfortable in the water.  This is a great way to continue to dive and learn under the supervision of a PADI instructor. The course is based on what you have learned previously and develops new capabilities by introducing you to new areas of diving activities.

What will you do?

The course consists of five dives, in the nature of specializations. Two dives are mandatory:

  • DEEP DIVE – you will learn the techniques and procedures necessary to dive safely to a depth of 30m.
  • UNDERWATER NAVIGATION (navigation dive) – a combination of orientation using natural determinants, and navigation with compass, very useful techniques especially if you wish to lead dives.

Other choices, based on local diving conditions in Bali, are:

  • DRIFT DIVE – especially useful during your stay on the island (at the best dive sites currents occur) you should be able to understand them avail of it.
  • NIGHT DIVING – Diving at night has a completely different character than the daily diving. It has a taste of mystery and anxiety. Allows you to explore the nightlife of the dive site. Often, night dives are much more attractive than those in the light of day. At night, we see only what our torches allow us for, the area of ​​vision narrows and we see a lot more details, nocturnal world is beautiful. – Embark with us on the Liberty Wreck at Tulamben. Night diving here is an unforgettable experience!!!
  • PERFECT BUOYANCY – maintaining proper buoyancy is the basis for safe diving. Surely we could do better than what you have mastered during your OWD course. Excellent buoyancy forever!!!

Do you want to start taking pictures underwater? Excellent buoyancy is the foundation of your career as an underwater photographer.

  • UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY – start your adventure with the camera underwater now. You say that it’s easy, just press the shutter button. Start shooting and see how much you will have to learn. The waters around Bali, are one of the places with the highest biodiversity in the world. You will find plenty subjects to shoot at 😉
  • WRECK DIVING- wrecks, the phrase which electrifies all divers. History often hides the mysteries that surrounds them and that even more fascinates us…. Wrecks of sunken ships are the most common but there are also airplanes, cars and other types of objects resting on the seabed. Its state of preservation and sheer size often very a lot. In Bali we have 4 wrecks, available for a recreational diver, and 2 for technical diver. Wrecks can be potentially dangerous, so you should know the necessary techniques and limitations for this type of dives.


  • Minimum 15 years old (students between 12 and 15 may complete the Junior Advance Course) which is same as the standard one, but the maximum allowable depth is reduced to 21 m. ( Once the diver reaches the age of 15 the degree may be swapped for the ordinary Advanced Open Water diver license.)
  • PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent other organization

An introductory dive experience

Discover Scuba Diving – Half day (USD 125)

If you have a passion for trying new exciting experiences, and enjoy the idea of swimming with fish and vibrantly colored coral, then we think you might just be ready to try scuba diving! This half day program is perfect for you if you just want to sample what it is like to breathe underwater, without the need to commit too much of your holiday time. You’ll be under direct supervision of our all-star dive staff team, as we teach you the fundamental basics needed to go on your very first ocean dive. The Discover Scuba Diving course is not a training certificate, but more a great fun filled activity that will be sure to make your holiday in Bali all the more memorable.

What will I learn?

You’ll learn the fundamental basics of scuba diving, including an equipment introduction, techniques for diving, and some basic hand-signals to be able to communicate underwater. Be warned though, diving can be a highly addictive past time

Requirements for the Discover Scuba Dive Course

  • A fun loving attitude
  • Be at least 10 years or older
  • In reasonably good physical health

How is the course conducted?

Your day starts with an introduction to dive theory, followed by a confined water dive at our onsite purpose built pool. Once you complete the necessary skills, we will head to our house reef in Candidasa or any place of your interest where conditions are gentle and perfect for your very first open water dive. In no time at all, you will experience the ‘zero-gravity’ feel that thousands of divers across the globe enjoy so much. This course is a great introduction to new and exciting underwater adventures in Bali! Drop us an e-mail now to find out more.

This is the only course which does not involve diving.  In these course, you will learn on how to administer first aid, focused mainly on respiratory and circulation systems. These course is mandatory for divers wishing to enroll in Rescue Course and very important in our day to day lives.

What you will do?

This course consists of two modules – scene and victim assessment and procedures of first aid. You will learn techniques of giving the first aid and resuscitation all trained on manikins.


These course is open to anyone who wishes to learn the First Aid basics.

The PADI Open Water Diver Course

The PADI Open Water Diver course is a beginner level scuba diving course for novice divers. The program runs over 4 days, and it teaches you the necessary knowledge needed to go scuba diving independently.

This course is a combination of theory, pool practice and best of all – open water diving!

Is this the PADI Open Water course for me?

This program suits anyone with a keen interest to learn about scuba diving, as long as you have reasonably good swimming abilities, and you are in good health, you can sign up for the course.

Upon completion of this course you will obtain an internationally recognized PADI Open Water Diver card, which entitles you to dive independently (with a buddy) to depths of up to 18 meters.

Who will be my Diving Instructor?

Choosing the right person to teach your first scuba course is the key to enjoying scuba diving as a life-long hobby.

At Benthos Dive Resort, you’ll receive top notch training from one of  Bali’s best dive instructors – Pablo Oliva. All theory, pool and ocean dives will under their direct supervision.

We are eager to share this amazing experience with you, and show you the wonders of Candidasa and Bali diving.

Our instructor to diver ratio is 1 to 4, with Benthos Dive Resort, so you can be sure that the service and instruction you receive is personalized and friendly.  The theory is taught in a comfortable air-conditioned classroom, and pool sessions are conducted at our on-site purpose built pool.

All open water dives are conducted at Candidasa’s top dive site Amuk Bay, which is just minutes away from our resort, and boasts vibrantly colored reefs teeming with marine life. Your instructor will guide you on all four ocean dives, at a beautiful shallow lagoon with a wide array of marine species, and perhaps even a World War II shipwreck!

This Course consists of:

  • 5 knowledge reviews
  • 5 sets of pool skills (this is where you will learn the basic skills – average time spent will be approximately 6 to 8 hours)
  • 4 open water dives (two days)
  • A fitness test (you should be able to swim 200 meters and thread water for 10 minutes)


  • Minimum age: 10 years (10-14 years PADI Junior Open Water Diver).
  • Reasonably fit and in good health.

Participation in the PADI Divemaster course is the first step in your professional career as diver. Students who have successfully complete this training,  gain the rank of Certified Dive Master. Meaning they may supervise certified divers during their underwater activities, assist in training, as well as lead the dives. At this training candidates for Divemaster’a learn how to properly demonstrate skills and  supervise dives. This certificate will provide you the opportunity to grow further at a professional level. Completion of training and passing the exams, will allow you to combine a hobby with work … who knows, maybe even in Bali!

What would you do?

During the course you will learn how to lead a group of divers, both in theory and  by practice. Yoy will take part in the Open Water Diver course in order to acquire skills in assisting the instructor during training. You will learn how to identify the most common problems for novice divers under water, and how to help young students during their dives.


Theoretical part of the course consists of 12 lectures, written exam and preparation of a contingency plan in the event of a diving accident. Theoretical classes are taught in our classroom, using modern training techniques with the use of a laptop, presentations and professional lectures.

Theoretical session topics:

  • PADI divemaster role and characteristics
  • Supervising Certified divers
  • Assisting the Instructor  while he conducts courses
  • Introduction to the theory of diving,
  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Equipment
  • Decompression  theory and dive tables RDP
  • Dive Master conducted programs
  • Managing risk
  • Diving business
  • Your Career in diving.

The exam consists of 8 sections, which contain all of the above issues. To pass an exam a minimum of 75% of correct answers is needed in each section.

Practical training:

Practical sessions include workshops on programs that the Dive Master can execute, workshops on supervising divers in training both in the pool and open water.  Workshops on how to lead and supervise certified divers in groups.

Diving skills, rescue and swimming:

  • Exchange Equipment – between the two divers while  underwater and buddy breathing.
  • Dive Master diving skills cover 20 PADI skills. You will learn how to present and asses.
  • Asses the  Rescue Diver skills – unconscious diver on the surface.
  • Swimming skills  includes: swimming 200 m freestyle, 800 m swimming with ABC, a 100m diver tow, 15 minutes water thread


  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • PADI RESCUE DIVER certificate or certificate of another organization eligible for this course
  • Medical checkup stating that you are fit to dive.
  • CPR and first aid course
  • Minimum of 60 certified dives

Rescue Diver course will expand your knowledge and increase the level of experience. You will learn to dive safely, but what is more important is that you will influence other divers. Training, by its nature, is demanding and simulations are conducted in a realistic way.

What will you do?

PADI RESCUE DIVER course prepares you to anticipate and address potential problems that may occur during the dive. You will learn rescue procedures, management of rescue operation and how assist in first aid if a dive accident occurs. During the practical training sessions, you will learn:

  • auto rescue
  • leading the rescue operation
  • helping the panicked divers
  • recovering unconscious diver to the surface
  • procedures when dealing with unconscious diver on the surface, towing techniques, and subsequent rescue after reaching the shore.
  • first aid procedures for pressure related injuries.
  • you will take part in rescue scenarios reflecting real situations


  • Min 15 years, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) or the equivalent of another organization
  • Firs Aid Course (EFR)