It is a famous place for snorkelers mainly because of a small steel boat that lies in very shallow waters. It is now encrusted with gorgonias , sponges and black coral bushes attracting small reef fishes.

However the most interesting for us divers is the reef, mainly its shallower parts which are very healthy and teaming with life. Here we can find barrel sponges, beautiful gorgonias and huge beds of acroporid corals in which great number of small reef fishes seek shelter. Fish life here is varied and we have a good chance of seeing unusual animals like ghost pipefish, seahorses and many kinds of scorpion fishes. Once we have encountered the biggest barracuda obviously looking for a cleaning service. We had a pleasure of observing it for a few minutes until it headed off in the blue. This dive site is exposed to swells so we dive it only in good see conditions.

Fish life

Coral reef



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