Level – Advanced

Crystal bay is blessed by dramatic scenery of a long stretch of white powdery beach and emerald colored hills. This dive site boasts fantastic visibility and it is the go-to spot for a chance to see the shy Oceanic Sunfish (Mola-mola).

These gentle giants are commonly over 3 meters in circumference, and surface from the depths of the trenches between Nusa Ceningan and Penida to feed on Jelly fish.

Location: This dive site lies off the coast of East Nusa Penida, on a little islet

Tips: This is a dive site marked by unpredictably strong down currents; stick close to the reef and to your dive guide. This dive site is not for uncertified or beginner divers.

As you begin your descent to about 6-7 meters, you will reach a coral plateau; here you will see an array of some of the healthiest and most vibrant corals in the coral triangle. Often times we see inexperienced divers clinging onto coral and damaging them, due to the unpredictable conditions, do be mindful while diving, and stick to limits you are comfortable with.

Facts: Maximum depth is 40m (only to be limited by your certification and experience level).  This is a no decompression dive.

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