In the middle of Tulamben Bay, parallel to the shore in its shallow waters stretches healthy reef named by divers coral garden.
By no doubts the most interesting part of this dive is in the shallows where we can find acropora pulchea and lots of anemones which form this reef. The anemone growth is so abundant that we have a feeling of seeing most of the clown fish species of this planet!! This dive is also very good place to spot ribbon eels both adults and juvenile, lion fish and with a bit of luck we might spot some groupers and even smaller reef sharks.

In the deeper part we can observe some schooling jacks and fusiliers. Bottom in the deeper part is made of volcanic sand and is covered with big barrel sponges. The usual gentle current that is found in the shallows will push us towards the end of the dive making it very relaxing.
Another easy dive suitable for all level of divers.

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Coral reef



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